About us

Our essence is our history

Who we are?

We don't like to say who we are, we like to tell how we impact our clients' lives. Because we prefer our clients to know that at the end of the hired project they will feel proud of the space we made together and which they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

“We are the brand for those who dreamed and have already reached where they wanted to get to.”

We do not choose where we are born, but we can choose the spaces we live in.

what we do?

We know that our clients work hard to reach the lifestyle they've dreamed of. That's why at STONE we help them to build the place they deserve, bringing a specific space to a higher level with innovative, surprising, elegant and high quality finishes.

Therefore, we think about the use that our clients will make of the space we are going to build for them. We imagine the conversations that will take place around the fireplace, a living room or think about the times that the family will sit around the table. Everything to choose the material that goes best with the style (granite, marble, etc) and transform it into a floor, a countertop or a wall of luxury, all for the customer's gratification.

“Our designs and creations inspire and invite people to share.”

Our philosophy, We innovate to be different

In STONE we believe that all people should pursue their dreams, work for it. For this reason we like to work for people who work hard for what they want.  We feel identified with them because we feel that we are ruled by the same principles and values: honesty, compromise and quality.

We want to be a reward for our customers, we offer specialization, accompaniment and education. Our clients through this process will be clear about what they hired, the stages of the project, why one material or another is more suitable for their project. We are an open book that invites people to live their dream.

“AT STONE We are a fan of visionary people, of dreamers, of customers who allows ourselves to let our imagination run free to do something that is unprecedented.”

What we believe in

Creativity in the conception of the project.

Customizing in the construction process.

Efficiency in costs, resources and delivery times.

"We have establish rules in the way we direct our business: Supply and install only 1st quality materials, improve our day by day operations, maintain a high customer satisfaction, establish reliable subcontractors and suppliers, perform high quality installations in all our projects and comply with all government laws".

Sergio Paba


Let's work

together to build

this dream

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